Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Long time, no write

So... I haven't written for quite a while. But I have lots to post now. I had my mom take pictures of me 2 weeks after I started Paleo (June 18). Yikes!

I have lost 8 pounds! YEAH!

Blood tests came back from June 3. Here are the results (the numbers in parentheses are the biomarker or recommended amounts or ranges that either my doctor gave me or Robb Wolf wrote in his book ):

Mean Blood Glucose 97.1 mg/dL
(79.3 - 129.2)

HGB A1C 4.9%
(less than 5)

C-Reactive Protein 2.2 mg/dL
(less than 1.0) a little high

Glucose 90 mg/dL

Cholesterol 229 mg/dL
(120-140) high

Triglycerides 191 mg/dL
(50-80) high

HDL Cholesterol 52 mg/dL
(more than 50)

LDL Cholesterol 139 mg/dL
(40-70) high

My doctor has agreed to order more bloodwork for me next week to see the difference from being on Paleo for 30 days. I will then do bloodwork every 6 months after that.

I will start Crossfit on July 2. YEAH!!!!

Some things that I have noticed since being on Paleo:

  • my acne is going away and my face is really smoothing out

  • my pants fit better around my waist and tummy (can't wait to see what my measurements will be on July 3 (30 days from start)

  • I am not hungry! I have to remind myself to eat

  • I sleep better (still have to purchase some night shades, then it will be even better)

  • Wake up refreshed instead of sluggish

  • More energy, no more yawning at 3 in the afternoon

  • Willing to do more things around the house because of the energy

  • Not jonesing for sugar, carbs and dairy - my mom's birthday was today and someone made her cake popsicles, she was describing them to me and it did not sound good, so much sugar and frosting and more sugar

  • I am thinking more clearly

  • Too bad I am divorced now because my libido has come back full force (sorry if TMI), I am watching a lot of romance novels lately...

  • Bowel movements much more regular (sorry again for the TMI)

I feel really different! Good different! Really good different! It is starting to feel that my life is calming down, I do not feel sorry for myself anymore. Depression...gone!

I will post again soon.

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