Thursday, June 2, 2011

30 Days, Here I Come!

I e-mailed my doc yesterday and asked if she could put an order in for bloodwork...first step

Tomorrow, I will go through my pantry, refrigerator and freezer. Donate, donate, donate! I feel bad doing this because I have so much food that I have spent money on. I wonder if the grocery stores will take returns and credit me back? I will call and see. Wow! Called both Smith's Grocery and Trader Joe's and they will take back any unused items. Smith's I need the receipt for returns and that is understandable. Get this...for Trader Joe's - I can donate the items, bring in just the receipt and they will give me credit for it. Holy crap! What?! TJ's is AWESOME! I know Robb Wolf talks about them all the time, but WHAT?! I feel bad doing that, so if I can find the receipt, I will bring both receipt and food in (I am sure that they just turn around and donate it to Road Runner Food Bank, but it will make me feel better).

Saturday, going to to a Fiber and Farm tour with my daughter and mom. Saturday evening I will go Paleo shopping.

Sunday, cook for the week. I have been reading a lot of blogs on how to prepare for the week and I need it with my job. I work 9-6 Monday - Thursday, live 45 minutes away from work but have to drop my daughter off at school first which is about 15 minutes more away from work.

I am saving up for blackout blinds for my room, the dogs usually wake me up to feed them way too early or my daughter wakes me up because it is "sunny out". Blackout shades here I come! I am getting between 5-7 hours of sleep right now and need more!

Starting weight...UGH! 210 lbs, the most I have ever weighed, not pregnant! Pictures to come.

I will enter measurements later.

Clothing: Tops XL and pants 16 (very tight) my mom gave me a pair of size 18 and those fit comfortably - I hate saying that

13 years ago (age 20) I weighed 120 and wore a very comfortable size 8, this is what I want to get back to, but in better shape.

For this first month, I will be working out at home with my trusty kettlebell and my pilates DVD's (can't afford Crossfit) and eating Paleo. Next month, I will hopefully (fingers crossed) be working full time, getting insurance and gym membership paid for (Crossfit here I come!)

I have been a member at Crossfit for the past 2 years - let me correct myself - 2009 I went August and September, 2010 I went July and August. I loved it when I went, but there was always something else to do that was more important. I am a new divorcee of 1 month and am changing my priorities! One - my daughter, Two - my diet, Three - my body. I know that body will follow with correct diet, but working out is something that I "want" to do.

I have to be smart with my shopping because I have little money. Project for today is go through Sarah Fragoso and Robb Wolf's books to figure out what recipe's to make. The pictures in Sarah's books are mouth watering! I am excited to to do this for my daughter as well, with Sarah's 2 weeks of lunches for her, I am hoping that she will sleep better and have a better attitude (I can always tell when she has had too much sugar, too little sleep or has not eaten).

I think that is all for now. I am stoked about going through my pantry now knowing that I can return some of the food. This will help with purchasing Paleo groceries. YEAH!

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