Tuesday, July 19, 2011

5 Week Blood Results

Got new blood results. If this does not convince you that Paleo is the way to go, I do not know what will. I will post results from July 12 first and then results from June 3 in parentheses.

Cholesterol 183 (229)
Triglycerides 112 (191)
HDL 48 (52)
LDL 113 (139)
Hgb A1C 4.8 (4.9)

Because I was so sick last week, my C-Reactive Protein jumped up to a 6 from a 2.2

My creatinine was high as well (1.3) and my glomerular filtration rate was at 50 (a little low). I was so sick and dehydrated last week my blood tests really showed it. I will redo those in a month.

I went to Crossfit last night. Kicked my butt! We did this WOD called "The Hike". Holy crap! I am glad that I did not have to do the whole thing, I would still be there. I did a modified version of it since I am so out of shape. This is what I did and in parentheses is what everyone else had to do.

10 Handstand Push-Ups (20)
20 Pull-Ups (40)
600m Run (same)
40 Sit-Ups (80)
50 Squats (100)
100 Singles -Jump Rope (75 Double Unders)
25 Walking Lunges (50)
20 Burpees (25)

I finished in 24 minutes. Pretty good. Most of the people that did the whole workout finished before me, but hey, I finished! I feel good and I will get better! That is all that counts.

Down 12 pounds and will do measurements on the 3rd of August.

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